Philosophical Foundations

CWC Schools’ work is undergirded by three philosophical foundations - Understanding, Connection and Diversity - described below.

Understanding.  Learning best occurs when students construct their own understandings, under the guidance of a teacher who offers varying levels of support, as needed informed by students’ current abilities and needs. Our theory of learning is comprised of three building blocks: constructivism, gradual release of responsibility and data-driven instruction.

Connection.  CWC Schools’ academic model supports and depends upon connections with oneself, one’s community and the world. Our model supports this development through social emotional learning (SEL), which we believe to be as integral to an excellent education as traditional academic subjects and, moreover, is necessary for the world that we live in.  

Diversity.  We believe that the diversity of our communities, and of the world at large, is a great strength. Through targeted outreach and recruitment, our schools are intentionally designed to reflect their surrounding communities and the larger society in terms of race, ethnicity and socioeconomic status. By learning, interacting and growing in a diverse setting, our students are preparing to thrive in the pluralistic society they will soon join.