CWC Schools believes parent, family and community engagement is critical to the academic success and development of our students.

We encourage all members of our community – students, teachers, families and neighborhood partners – to actively participate in school life. School life participation could take the form of volunteering in a classroom or participating in school-organized service days, fundraisers, and campus beautification events.

We also believe that parent, family and community engagement is critical to launching successful schools. The engagement process begins long before our schools even open their doors.

As we explore possible school locations, we organize a range of engagement opportunities for prospective families, neighbors and community members. Whether in public meetings, information sessions or one-on-one discussions, our goal is to share the mission and design of CWC Schools, while listening carefully to the concerns and priorities of local residents and stakeholders. We want to assess whether CWC Schools could be a good fit within the community and learn the best ways to integrate ourselves locally if we move forward.

If you would like to learn more about our family and community outreach, please contact Andrea Arroyo, New Site Development and Community Engagement Director, at


CWC Schools Mailing Address:

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