CWC in Cincinnati

Citizens of the World Charter Schools hopes to launch its first school in Cincinnati no earlier than the 2021-22 school year, serving 120 students in grades K-1. We will add one grade level a year, ultimately growing to K-6. Our charter application has been approved by The Fordham Institute, one of the highest rated sponsors in Ohio. 

CWC’s Community-Guided Approach

We have been engaging with community members in Cincinnati since 2016. Before we made the decision to apply to open a school, we spent 18 months speaking with over 50 community stakeholders on the ground in Cincinnati, and hosting Cincinnati stakeholders at our schools in Los Angeles and Kansas City. What we heard from many folks in Cincinnati was that our school’s approach to education--an intentionally diverse community with an emphasis on rigorous academics and social emotional development--was much needed in the city. 

Our current focus through the Spring of 2020 has been speaking with and listening to diverse parent groups, primarily in the Madisonville area but also across the city. Many times parents’ voice is absent from education decisions – CWC Cincinnati has been and hopes to continue to engage directly with parents so that we are co-creating a diverse school with the Cincinnati community. A key part of that work is also ensuring a high-quality, locally based not-for-profit board of directors to govern CWC Schools in Cincinnati. 

Given the current environment within our state, country and world (including tight restrictions on travel and movement) related to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have paused our in-person family engagement in order to ensure that we are putting the safety of our families and students first. We are eager to continue learning from families in Cincinnati around their school needs and we are eager to re-engage when the city and the state are ready. 

Learn More

While travel and large group gatherings may not be possible at the current time, we encourage you to learn about CWC Schools and how you can be a part of the effort to bring CWC Schools to Cincinnati. If you are interested in learning more about CWC Cincinnati, please visit the website or contact Andrew Hodgson at