See what parents are saying about Citizens of the World:


Video courtesy of TheBlaze TV network. 


"What a difference it makes that the principals and teachers give this individualized attention and effort to every single child. [My son] loves how challenged he is and how the lessons cause him to learn about himself in the process and teach him how to step into other people's shoes. He's only been at CWC one year and we can already see a difference." - Asha Farris, CWC Los Angeles parent


"You can see it on the faces of the kids inside the classroom. They're doing math and having a blast. They're singing and dancing in one classroom, story time in another, with a teacher who is animated and involved." - Tamir Halaban, CWC Los Angeles parent



"Our kids get to fully understand their learning in a way we never were able to! I feel all around lucky. The school is truly a magical place." - Chrissy Spino, CWC Los Angeles parent


"Getting here and seeing the environment and different classrooms, meeting the teachers, we felt quite comfortable. We realized we had made the perfect choice. Now each time we pick her up, she wants to stay longer. Even when she is the last one here, she wants to stay longer!" - Peter Frew, CWC New York parent


"Once I found out about the school, I was like, oh my God, I have to put him in there. They are trying to have people from different types of areas, cultures, together in one school... To me, what greater gift can you give a child than to know he is going to be in school and be himself?" - Elizabeth LinoMontes, CWC New York parent


"I will always be thankful to CWC. Just in two days I saw a total change. My son's self-esteem went up. He's learning a lot. He comes home, he reads to his little brother. He loves doing his homework. It's really strange for a little boy to love doing his homework! He likes his teachers... and I like how his teachers integrate every kid into the classroom and make them feel like family" - Grace Moreno, CWC New York parent