See what parents are saying about Citizens of the World:


Video courtesy of TheBlaze TV network. 


"What a difference it makes that the principals and teachers give this individualized attention and effort to every single child. [My son] loves how challenged he is and how the lessons cause him to learn about himself in the process and teach him how to step into other people’s shoes. He’s only been at CWC one year and we can already see a difference." - Asha Farris, CWC Los Angeles parent


"You can see it on the faces of the kids inside the classroom. They’re doing math and having a blast. They’re singing and dancing in one classroom, story time in another, with a teacher who is animated and involved." - Tamir Halaban, CWC Los Angeles parent



"Our kids get to fully understand their learning in a way we never were able to! I feel all around lucky. The school is truly a magical place." - Chrissy Spino, CWC Los Angeles parent


"Our daughter just finished Kindergarten at CWC-KC during its inaugural year. We were so pleased with the school in all aspects, especially her teachers, the social-emotional focus of the curriculum, the solid reading and math instruction, and the encouragement of parent/guardian involvement. The racial, ethnic, and SES diversity was also a huge plus and confirmed our decision not to flee to the suburbs!" - Andy Schuerman, CWC Kansas City parent


"At CWC our son has found greater confidence in his education and abilities, a wonderful community, and an entire staff of caring educators he trusts." - John Reeves, CWC Kansas City parent