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Local demand soars for Citizens of the World Williamsburg and Crown Heights

On March 27th, CWC New York held lotteries for its schools in Williamsburg and Crown Heights. We are excited to share the news that over 450 applications were submitted for seats in grades K-2 at CWC Williamsburg, including over 300 applications for next year's Kindergarten classes. Over 400 applications were submitted for seats in grades K-2 at CWC Crown Heights. 

This spike in the number of applications we are receiving ahead of only the second year of both school's operation demonstrates that Brooklyn families want the option of a public school like Citizens of the World for their children. We look forward to welcoming all of our new families to the CWC community!

Citizens of the World Williamsburg Nearly Doubles Enrollment Since the Start of School!

Like many new schools, Citizens had an uphill climb to ensure that parents learned of this option and understood the benefits of its unique model. Citizens of the World is the first national public school network to focus on educating students from all races and income levels. Through project-based and social-emotional learning, along with rigorous academics, Citizens develops diverse students into strong critical and creative thinkers.

We are thrilled to announce that Citizens of the World Williamsburg's enrollment has increased by 89% since opening in the fall of 2013. Charter authorizer SUNY has since confirmed that the school is fincancially sound and will remain open.

This strong parental demand kicked in once the unique model was up and running. Nearly 90 percent of parents who toured Citizens of the World Willimsburg enrolled their children after the start of school, reporting that they believed it offered a stronger option than their original school choice. This trend is one Citizens of the World schools has seen nationally; all of its other schools have waitlists.

Hear why parents are choosing Citizens of the World schools, and how our educational model makes learning joyful, challenging and inclusive.  

Currently Enrolling Students for 2015-2016! 

For more information, or to schedule a school tour, please contact CWC Williamsburg at (718) 384-1386, or CWC Crown Heights at (718) 221-5095. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Watch this video, and see why over 90% of families who visit CWC Williamsburg want to enroll their child.

For more information on our Brooklyn schools, including how to enroll, please visit the CWC New York website.

Our Locations:

In fall 2013 we opened our doors to students in grades K & 1 in Williamsburg (CSD 14) and Crown Heights (CSD 17).

Citizens of the World NY1 is located in Williamsburg, Community School District (CSD) 14 at JHS 126, 424 Leonard Street, Brooklyn, NY.

Principal: Meredith Cronk

Citizens of the World NY2 is located in Crown Heights, Community School District (CSD) 17 at PS 221, 791 Empire Boulevard, Brooklyn, NY.   

Principal: Liz Runco

CWC New York Executive Director: Chad Ferguson

For more information on our Brooklyn schools, please visit the CWC New York website.